Closers gets new hub area and increases level cap

Closers new hub area

Closers is getting bigger with the latest patch, which was just released. This anime brawler is raising its level cap and getting a new hub.

Now you can maximize your experience up to the new level cap of 65, and more adventures (or actual brawls) expect you in the new International Airport hub. This area is open to all players starting at level 55, and includes new quests, new gear, new achievements and there's even a new event, running from Tuesday, November 21 through Tuesday, December 5.

In this event, every stage you clear in the International Airport will give you a chance at a Valor Token. You can trade these tokens for supplies, as you can see below:

Required Tokens – Can be traded for…
100 – UNION Sector of the Day Accessory Box x1
80 – Random Epic Skill Cube x1
30 – Quality Assurance Seal x1
25 – Victory Talisman (1-day) x1
25 – Triple Talisman (1-day)
15 – Agent's Lucky Box 1
10 – Resurrection Capsule x3

Read the full patch notes if you want to know every little detail about this Closers update.

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