Closers Online animation trailer revealed

Closers Yuri

With the Korean open beta live since December 23, Closers Online aka Closers: Dimension Conflict has shown its animated intro trailer to the world, or at least players who are able to enter the game. Between this one and Soul Worker it's difficult to pick the most appealing anime visuals, and we're not even getting Peria Chronicles into the mix. Sure, they're all very different games but the high quality anime graphics make them especially interesting for fans of the genre.

In another news, the Closers Online cash shop is getting quite a bit of rage from players who are in the open beta, with prices that are deemed extremely high and unfair, requiring either a lot of money or a lot of playing time to get anything. For example, a 30-day VIP package costs $45 US dollars, something that is way more than the usual monthly subscription of $15 for most games. A costume is selling for over $35.

We have a few Closers Online gameplay videos from the open beta, so don't forget to watch them.

Closers: Dimension Conflict Available Classes (pre-OB Korea)
Closers: Dimension Conflict Intro & Ranger Tutorial Gameplay (pre-OB Korea)
Closers: Dimension Conflict Ranger lvl 15 Party Gameplay (pre-OB Korea)

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