Closers Online is getting its 12th playable character Luna Aegis

Closers Online Luna Aegis

While Closers is still in its infancy in what the North American release is concerned, it's already a big boy in Korea.

Pardon me for the weird analogy, but it's my way of introducing another new playable character coming to Closers Online. Luna Aegis is her name, and she is the 12th character in Closers Online Korea. She is coming on December 21, if my calculations are correct. While there isn't much info on Luna Aegis, she seems to use this huge shield, which could indicate that she is a brawler kind of character.

You can check her official page for details, a couple of teasers and a few events.

Closers is in closed beta in North America, and housing is coming soon to this version.


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