Closers is now free-to-play as it moves to open beta

closers open beta

Starting today, Closers is available to everyone for free. The frantic anime brawler has just entered open beta and made the move to free-to-play today, and you can sign up here to play.

En Masse Entertainment, publisher of TERA and Kritika Online, surprised us with the swift move of Closers to free-to-play, after six alpha weekends and a short closed beta – nowadays the trend is to let your game marinate in the sweet brew of Early Access, to sell as many copies as possible. So, our kudos to them.

This open beta build was preceded by the biggest Closers update yet, which featured the first new character to join this action MMO: Levia. She is the first of the Wolf Dogs and she is a witch aged… 13. Yes, because she wasn't “born”, she was hatched. You can see her story trailer and action trailer at the end of this post.

The update also adds housing to Closers, the Winter Event Snow Day Operation and costume combining, among other things.


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