Sky Ship update launches today for anime brawler Closers

Closers Sky Ship update

Color me excited about the rate at which En Masse Entertainment is releasing new content updates for the new anime brawler Closers. You can't complain about it, really.

The previous Closers update was released a couple of weeks ago, and today sees the release of another one. The Sky Ship update comes with a level cap increase of all characters to level 70, and two in-game events that run for two weeks. One is the Weekend Play Time Rewards and the other is the Level 70 Celebration Reward – if you hit level 70 until February 5, you get a special package that includes the following: Superclocked Equalizer ×1, Random Epic Skill Cube ×1, Victory Talisman Box (1 Day) ×1.

For the full patch notes on the Sky Ship update, head over here.


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