And the winner of the Closers Harpy versus Tina fight is…

Closers character Tina

A couple of weeks ago, En Masse did something that isn't very common when it comes to content updates – they gave players the option to vote for the next character to join Closers. Tina or Harpy, that was the question. Now, the votes are in and the winner is… Tina. The new member of the WolfDogs will be available in Closers starting April 3. Not even Harpy's sexy long legs were enough to convince most players, so she will be saved for the following update.

As it is often the case in the anime brawler Closers, most characters aren't what they seem. Tina, for example, isn't another sweet young girl; actually, she is a battle robot manufactured eight years ago. She is a long range character and loves using military weapons.

Get to know Tina in the videos below.

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