Closers update brings Violet, removes fatigue system

closers violet new character

En Masse has listened to the Closers player base and acted accordingly. As of July 3, 2018, Closers will see the demise of the fatigue system from its North American and European versions. The publisher claims that it paid attention to player feedback and that this system ” wasn’t good and took away the fun for a majority of players in our regions.”

Sounds pretty good to me, but what does this mean exactly? It won't affect the game economy as most of the main dungeons already have their entrance restrictions, and the fatigue system was already removed in Japan, so developer Naddic already knows what to expect. No changes or limits are planned for the dungeons right now, and any fatigue pots that you own should be converted into credits, but this is still being finalized. Stamina potions as rewards from some quests will also disappear with the July 3 update.

This update also brings the final Wolf Dog member, Violet, to Closers. Violet is 18 years-old and uses a greatsword to slice and dice her enemies. You can see her in action below.

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