Cloud Pirates begins its second closed beta on November 23

After a first closed beta that ended on October 24, Cloud Pirates is getting ready to sail the skies once again when it enters its second beta phase. Scheduled for November 23 in Europe and North America, this phase adds ten new ships to bring more diversity to the gameplay. Everyone who played during the first beta is automatically invited to the upcoming CBT2, and this one will mark the final server wipe for this game, meaning that after this one, your progress is going to be saved.

A new system will keep track of your Captain Progress regardless of the ship you choose to sail. By reaching captain level 10 via this new system, more talent options will be unlocked. The second beta also brings several balance changes, including an increase on weapon accuracy, firing range and rate of fire, so you should be able to engage your enemies from a farther distance and spend less time traveling around.

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