Cloud Pirates sails into the sunset late September

Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates is about to pack its weapons and sail into the sunset on September 29. has announced the closure of this online action game without saying the reason, but we all know that it's due to a lack of a decent player base. Cloud Pirates is clearly a niche game, in the same way that Dreadnought, World of Warships or Fractured Space are – slow, tactical gameplay that you either love or just won't bother with after the first five minutes.

It's always sad to see a game shutting down, even more when Cloud Pirates officially launched in April 2017 – it didn't last longer than five months in full operation. The game just welcomed update 1.7, oddly named Final Frontier. A weird case of foresight? is offering compensation for some players who recently purchased items for Cloud Pirates, including conversion to Skyforge, Armored Warfare and Revelation Online.


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