Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Remake shows up in Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy Cloud Strife

While Square Enix remains tight-lipped on the release date of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 4, the studio is already teasing Cloud Strife in a very interesting way.

The free-to-play online RPG Mobius Final Fantasy, which first saw a release on mobile devices and early 2017 appeared on PC through Steam, is getting a special guest. Cloud Strife is starring in the game in what Squeenix says is a Final Fantasy VII Remake X Mobius Final Fantasy, or a crossover, if you didn't get the picture. The Cloud Strife you get to see in Mobius Final Fantasy is the model that allegedly will make it into the Final Fantasy VII Remake, so take a long, hard look at it and see if it pleases you.

However, Cloud Strife isn't going to be a full-time character in Mobius Final Fantasy. Instead, he is going to be a warrior-type Ultimate Hero. What this means is that he is part of special Job cards that give your character the attributes and skills from a particular well-known hero from the FF series. The first Ultimate Hero in Mobius Final Fantasy was Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII, released in September 2017, and now it's Cloud Strife's turn.

Cloud Strife has a high Attack and Break Power, and attributes that include Drain Starter, Haste Starter, and EXP Up +20%. Watch him in action below.

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