Collectible streamer figures leaked: Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, LIRIK, Summit1g, TimTheTatman

Collectible streamer figures

Collectible streamer figures from Ninja, Dr Disrespect, LIRIK, Summit1g and TimTheTatman have leaked early. These figures will be available to purchase at Target, but it seems that GameStop will also sell them, as they were previously listed for a September 1 release before the page was removed.

The leaked figures were teased by some of the streamers including Ninja and LIRIK were now revealed by Target employee Tayriva. There is no word on other collectible streamer figures, but if these turn out to be a success – and that is likely to happen –, other figures will surely come soon. PewDiePie anyone?

The figures are designed by Lamo and capture the specific details of each streamer. You can see Ninja’s blue hair and Dr. Disrespect’s iconic glasses, something that the millions of followers of each streamer will surely enjoy.

Recently, Ninja made an historic move by switching Twitch for Microsoft’s competing streaming platform Mixer. This move will possibly lead to others, with Dr. Disrespect already talking about what it would enthrall for him.

How do you like those figures? I know that there are many fans out there who are too shy to reveal their love for them.

Collectible streamer figures


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