The Coming Storm update for Dauntless brings Koshai and more

Coming Storm update Dauntless Koshai

The Coming Storm is the upcoming expansion for the monster hunting action RPG Dauntless, and will launch on Wednesday 8. We first talked about it here, and now we have the first image of the new behemoth Koshai, the Sovereign of Thorns.

Koshai isn't your regular foe in Dauntless. Slayers who have escaped its clutches tell of a beast alive with vines so strong, they are capable of cracking the keel of a ship, and thorns that are able to tear through the strongest armor. As dangerous as it is tempting, the Koshai has enough power to forge weapons of incredible strength.

To fight the Koshai, you mustn't go alone. So, take this: a new weapon called the Ostian Repeater, and the first true ranged weapon in Dauntless. This weapon will be available as an additional part of The Coming Horizon update, later in September. This blog post should give you a nice perspective of this update's plans.

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