Conan Exiles is free on Steam during this weekend

Conan Exiles free Steam

If you fancy a bit of brutal and adult survival action, Funcom has an offer that you just can't refuse. Conan Exiles will be free on Steam during this weekend, from Thursday March 7 until Sunday March 10.

In case you end up liking the game, you can purchase it for 50% off, so this is a great time to try another game featuring Conan – in case you have played the MMORPG Age of Conan: Unchained – or to debut in the joys of scantily clad girls and muscular barbarians.

Conan Exiles left Early Access in May 2018 and is frequently updated by Funcom. But if you like Conan and you are no fan of survival games, Funcom has more Conan games in the works, including a strategy game called Conan Unconquered. This game is developed by Petroglyph, a company formed by ex-Westwood Studios employees that is used to creating strategy titles.


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