Conqueror’s Blade is free-to-play, published by

Conqueror's Blade is free-to-play

Medieval warfare game Tiger Knight just isn't cutting it for you? Well, you're in luck, because has just announced an agreement with developer Booming Games to bring Conqueror's Blade to North America and Europe. We've mentioned the plan of releasing this game in the west nearly a year ago, but back then the developers weren't really sure about the business model to use, even less about partnering with a publisher.

Now we know – will release Conqueror's Blade as a free-to-play game.

Conqueror's Blade (known as War Rage in Eastern territories) places you in the shoes of a military leader both on and off the battlefield, with choices to be made and wars to be fought. You will enter the battlefield and participate in visceral battles over a massive open world environment, fighting to control territory for your clan. Players get to use period-accurate armor and iconic units from both Western and Eastern civilizations, including the Iron Buddhas, Mongol mounted archers, Samurai and Swiss Halberdiers.

Conqueror's Blade will offer Founder's Packs for purchase, with the Early Access and Closed Beta dates to be announced in the near future. You can sign up at the official Conqueror's Blade and check the Founder's Packs contents and prices.

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