Conqueror’s Blade new trailer shows siege warfare gameplay

Conqueror’s Blade trailer siege gameplay

Developer Booming Games and publisher have released a new Conqueror’s Blade trailer showcasing one of the greatest strengths of this game: siege warfare. This Medieval MMO will place you in the gritty and war-torn shoes of a military leader as you make tactical and diplomatic choices that will allow you to expand your territory.

Siege warfare is a huge part of Conqueror’s Blade and the video below details it to a nice extent. Watch as the siege towers slowly move towards the castle, fire arrows rain from the skies and you have to go with your troops to the middle of the battle. I had the opportunity to participate in the Conqueror’s Blade Siege Test and was quite impressed with the chaotic warfare that was going on.

Now it's a matter of waiting for the next test, which is going to be the first phase of the Closed Beta test. Conqueror's Blade is free-to-play and you can sign up or purchase a Founder's Pack.

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