Core is a free Roblox meets Fortnite construction playground… kinda

Core Roblox meets Fortnite

Core is the upcoming game from Manticore Games, or perhaps I should say that it is a tool to create an infinite number of games. It could easily be described as Roblox meets Fortnite due to the two factors that pop up when you watch the reveal trailer – it gives you the tools for almost limitless creation of games within the genres that you can imagine, and visually it has this cartoon look that is drawing comparisons to Epic Games' Fortnite. Besides, Core also runs on the Unreal Engine 4, but it's a PC exclusive.

Core allows you to create multiplayer games without the need to know a thing about coding or art design. You have hundreds of free music, art, and sound assets that you can use to create your game, placing, rotating, scaling, and with many more options at your disposal. However, you can use the built-in tools to create your own 3D models or use Lua to write your own game logic, introducing assets and rules that go beyond any perceived limitations. After creating the game, you can make it available for other users to play in the platform.

Currently in open alpha, Core still lacks some features but is already available and capable of delivering polished and entertaining games. Monetization options for creators are planned, so this is a great time to experiment Core and discover its true potential. Could it really be the Roblox meets Fortnite game creation tool that many players would love to have?


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