Corepunk creator program will give you exclusive content to share

Corepunk creator program

Are you as excited for Corepunk as we are? Do you have a YouTube channel  and like exclusive stuff? Well then, wait no more and join the Corepunk creator program to be the first to receive info and content on the upcoming MMORPG.

Artificial Core is asking content creators to register for this opportunity. If you're approved, you get the latest news and materials on Corepunk, including concept art, lore, and much more. You have a 24-hour exclusivity for the received content, which will then be shared via the official Corepunk channels. Furthermore, the content that you create will also be shared in the official game channels.

Sounds like a win/win situation here, so register if you think that you can fulfill your part of the deal. YouTuber Dvalin was the first one to be a part of the Corepunk creator program, sharing some new artwork and lore, as you can see in the video below.

If you prefer to reach the team through other means, there's the Corepunk Discord as an alternative. You just have to contact Eireen#9472 to get the ball rolling.

This is good stuff, but honestly we're more interested in other things about this game. For example, the Corepunk characters that we get to choose, or the business model, which is yet to be revealed. The Corepunk release date points to an open beta planned for Q4 2020, but not much else. We'll keep following this game closely and keep you updated on any important reveals.


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