Corepunk movement speed explained in new gameplay trailer

Corepunk movement speed

Are you one of the many players that expressed concerns over the Corepunk movement speed seen in the reveal trailer? Were you worried that you would fall asleep while your character was walking around in this MMORPG? Well, don't fret, because developer Artificial Core has released a new video today explaining how it works.

Corepunk Producer Eugene Kiver relayed the news over a cozy scene where a fireplace lightens the room, because it's Christmas time. He explained that the base movement speed is slow, but it can be improved with artifacts and talents.

Kiver shows that his character has a pair of gliding boots sitting in his inventory. As soon as he equips the item, it increases movement speed by 20%. Another item called innovoprillium raises your attack speed by 25%, so your character should be a bit faster now.

The rest of the video shows how the character runs a lot faster now, and Kiver decides to attack some mobs. With the camera unlocked, you can see the fog of war mechanic at work, another highlight of the Corepunk MMO. As soon as he spots a group of three enemies, he tries to surprise them with a back attack. However, mobs in Corepunk work as a group, and Kiver's character was stunned and ultimately lost the fight.

This should put some of your fears concerning the Corepunk movement speed to rest. While the Corepunk release date isn't set in stone, we do know that the open beta is planned for Q4 2020, but let's hope we can get our hands on a closed beta in a few months. Concerning the Corepunk business model, Artificial Core is yet to reveal if the game is free-to-play or premium. However, they are adamant about avoiding pay-to-win practices.

Watch the short Corepunk gameplay trailer below. Sign up at the official website for updates on this anticipated MMORPG.


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