Could Diablo 3 become free-to-play with the next expansion?

It's rumor time. The sharp folks at Blizzard Watch have uncovered some info concerning Diablo III and a “Free to level 70” price of entry, which could point to Blizzard's game going free-to-play on PC in the same way that Guild Wars 2 is, which is to say you just have to buy the upcoming expansions if you want them. Blizzard has swiftly replied to this by saying that the prince change was “just a display bug” and that it was “pointing to the China version of the game”, which has that free-to-play level cap of 70.

Currently Diablo 3 has a free trial limit that allows players to Act 1 and level 12, so if the rumor is true, it probably wasn't difficult for Blizzard to do. There is also some talk about Blizzard hiring for something Diablo-related, probably a new expansion.

Just rumors for now and if something like this actually happens, it could take quite some time. We'll keep looking into it, but do you think this could be true?

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