Crash and burn: Ridge Racer Driftopia is shutting down in August

It's tough to be a car game in the free-to-play world. Ridge Racer Driftopia is one of the latest entries to quit racing, as Bandai Namco has revealed to Eurogamer. This free-to-play racing game from Bugbear Entertainment, makers of FlatOut and Ridge Racer Unbounded is going to shut down August 15th.

Ridge Racer Driftopia was heavily criticized for its ruthless microtransaction business model and it seems this brought the game to the announced shutdown, less than a year after it entered beta on September 2013 as a Steam Early Access title and on PlayStation 3.

Bandai Namco is trying the free-to-play model with a few games, the next one being the 2v2 brawler Rise of Incarnates.

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