Crazy and fun multiplayer shooter Holodrive is now free to play

Brazilian developer BitCake Studio has just announced that its cool 2D multiplayer shooter Holodrive has just ended its Early Access phase and has now switched to free to play, as it was intended since the game landed on Steam nearly a year ago.

Holodrive is something of a mix between Quake and Brawlhalla, which means that you and other players' robots will compete in a 2D arena with several crazy weapons and power-ups. This is definitely a great game that just needed more players to truly shine and hopefully it will happen from now on.

With the move to free-to-play also came a huge update which adds a new game mode called Cocoball, a new Practice mode, new servers in USA, Europe and South America (one of the player's complaints was lag), new basic weapons models and textures, and plenty more.


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