Cross-platform MMORPG Mad World is coming to Steam this Fall

Mad World

Jandisoft has spilled the beans on the Mad World release date. The Korean studio is planning on taking this HTML5 MMORPG to Steam this fall.

Mad World is an isometric MMO game with a hand-drawn art style, and will be playable in several platforms, from PC to mobile, as well as featuring cross-play. The combat style is said to be of the target and move kind, making for more dynamic encounters. The classless weapon-based skill system ensures that you have more options than in other games where you're bound to a specific class.

Each chapter in Mad World ends with a boss encounter where a giant and often repugnant creature is awaiting you.

Jandisoft said “Bringing Mad World to Steam takes us one step closer to our goal to eliminate the barriers between the gaming platforms. We will continue to push HTML5 to its full potential , making the game available on as many platforms as possible. Meanwhile, we want to give fans a glimpse of where we want to head in in terms of the game's settings and mood with a new teaser video. We want to innovate and differentiate ourselves in every aspect, from technology to gameplay, using HTML5 as a tool.”

The official Mad World site is here.

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