CrossFire 2 to be developed by Remedy and Smilegate

Smilegate has just revealed CrossFire 2 during ChinaJoy 2016 and this announcement came with a big surprise – Remedy Entertainment, developer of the first Max Payne games, Quantum Break and Alan Wake, will be developing this game in a partnership with Smilegate, aiming to create a triple A shooter that will be successful not only in Asia, but worldwide. Remedy will create the story mode for CrossFire 2, which will also bring new game modes and a new engine.

Remedy said the following: “The whole team here at Remedy is incredibly excited to be a key partner in developing the future of the CROSSFIRE franchise. Smilegate specifically chose Remedy to bring our unique blend of storytelling, memorable characters and inventive gameplay to CROSSFIRE’s global audience.” More details should be revealed soon.

Earlier this year, Smilegate announced a $40 million partnership with Starbreeze to create a first-person co-op shooter aimed at the western markets. This means that Cross Fire actually has two new games in development, both with the expertise of western studios renowned for their shooter experience.

Last but not least, the CrossFire film which is in the works by Original Film and producer Neal Moritz (of Fast & Furious fame) seems to be highly ambitious, with the goal of making it more successful than Warcraft in China, which broke the box office record.

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