Crossout is adding a pure racing mode without destruction

Crossout video contest

If you've played Crossout, you probably love it for the chaotic destruction that this vehicular combat game offers, but you could also be one of the players who have decided that racing is just too much fun to pass on. In fact, many players were organizing racing events in the ‘Escort’ raid and that came to the attention of developer Targem Games. That is why the studio decided to create a new game mode specifically for those who love to race.

On the maps you'll find some special gates for you to pass through (checkpoints) and the tracks aren't linear, so you'll have to make some crazy stunts to reach all of them, completing three laps and winning the race. The higher your position, the higher the reward. There is just one rule: no weapons. Even if your rig is a pure battlestation, your weapons won't work, so you can forget about that. Death Race this isn't. However, if you flip your vehicle you'll lose some time before it's up and running again.

This racing mode is going through various tweaks and improvements so that it turns out in the way that fans of speed always wanted.

Crossout's open beta is coming soon, or so publisher Gaijin Entertainment said over a month ago. Oh well.

crossout race 1

crossout race 2

crossout race 3


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