Crossout teases new faction known as Dawn Children

crossout Dawn Children

A new faction is about to find its way into the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game Crossout. Known as Dawn Children, this faction is led by a mysterious figure named Riley, and we don't even know Riley's gender due to his sealed suit. Some say this is no longer a regular human being, but some sort of creature.

The Dawn Children are mostly famous for their invention of the hover, vertically positioned jet engines that provide stable traction and allow the car to soar above the ground. Are we still talking about cars? Players can produce hovers ‘Icarus 7′ and use them on their vehicles to soar above ground and water. There's also a new wheel ‘Lunar-4’ that was designed for use in Moon and Mars rovers, but is suited perfectly for the wastelands.

This is the first part of the Dawn Children blog, and more info is coming soon.

crossout Dawn Children

crossout Dawn Children


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