Crossout: Gaijin announces vehicle combat MMO

Targem, the Russian studio that gave us the cool space shooter Star Conflict, just announced a new game along with Gaijin, makers of War Thunder. This time the studio decided to go to solid, post-apocalyptic ground with Crossout, a free-to-play team based vehicle combat MMO game for PC. Currently in pre-alpha, Crossout's motto is Craft-Ride-Destroy, which is funny because the similar game Robocraft has a Build-Drive-Fight motto.

Anyway, the two games share the concept but couldn't look more different, as Crossout goes for a more grounded, dirty style, just in time to go with the acclaimed movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The idea of the game is for players to build, upgrade and customize their armored vehicles and enter open player versus player combat. Choosing between speed and heavy armor will influence the gameplay, with each player preferring his own style. There are thousands of possibilities, from bits such as shape, armor, weapons support systems and even cosmetic enhancements. Weapons come in big variety, including chainsaws, power drills, machine guns, rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators. Crossout is going to include an in-game auction system, where players will be able to sell their advanced mechanisms. Crossout is said to feature an advanced damage model, with the damaged parts affecting the vehicle's performance.

You can sign up for the upcoming summer beta on the official site, as well as check the first screenshots below.


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