Crossout Garage video series asks if cars can actually fly


Gaijin Entertainment has started a new official Crossout video series titled The Garage, where the team goes through several topics at a time. The first topic from the first episode is surely in everybody's mind: how can I soar the skies with my car? In a funny and entertaining way, your host will give you a few examples of machines potentially capable of flying. Results are sometimes hilarious, but in the end you should know one thing: it won't help you in combat, it's just for the sake of entertainment and experiencing things. Crossout allows you to think outside the box when creating your war machine.

The video then takes you through a detailed overview of the Bridge map, giving you some valuable tips. You know, things such as “don't cross the damn bridge if you see enemy vehicles waiting on the other side.” Honestly though, there are some nice tips in there. Then it's time to check the Exhibition tab, where you can test some of the best ride builds. The video ends with answers to some popular questions from Crossout players.


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