Crossout looks back on the past with tears in its eyes

Crossout has entered open beta on May 30 and it looks like it was just yesterday that this free vehicular combat game entered its alpha test. Well, it wasn't yesterday, it was more like two years ago, actually. Gaijin and Targem Games are now looking back at the beginning of the Crossout alpha testing and since the first days when the game opened, the few lucky players were already creating some crazy war machines.

After a handful of Battle Tests, Crossout entered closed beta in April 2016 and more players joined the Wastelands. Closed beta brought three new game modes as well as servers in the US and Canada, clans and a ranked battles system. Jumping to May 30, 2017, we get the Crossout open beta with the new and fifth Steppenwolfs faction, and the new Disaster Area location.

You can take a look at some of the vehicles that were created during the beginning of the alpha testing. If you want to play Crossout right now you just have to sign up and start creating your war machine.


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