Crossout open beta is live with new location and faction

Crossout video contest

We thought we wouldn't live to see the day. The Crossout open beta is live today, May 30, 2017 as previously announced and after a closed beta that began in April 2016, which means this vehicular combat game from Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment, the makers of War Thunder was in closed beta for over a year.

These are good news indeed and it gets even better, as the beginning of the Crossout open beta brings even more content to the game: a fifth faction called Steppenwolfs (former soldiers) and a new location, Disaster Area (a mysterious place covered with sand and stones, and with the remains of an aircraft). Despite moving into the next beta stage, Crossout will keep evolving with more factions, new locations, game modes and more.

The open beta brings nine post-apocalyptic locations that are described as “abandoned cities, deceptively lifeless deserts, highways full of dangers, fortified survivor settlements and other regions of the world that survived the catastrophe”, and seven game modes: “survivors protect trade convoys from raiders, rob warehouses and destroy oil rigs or try to defeat Leviathans, huge steel monsters created by other players. In between the ruthless battles raging across the world, you can now catch your breath in ‘Race’ mode, where vehicles have no weapons, where only speed matters.”

Watch the Crossout open beta announcement trailer below.

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