Crossout open beta planned for May 30 on PC and consoles

Crossout video contest

Gaijin Entertainment has just revealed the official date for the Crossout open beta – or launch, they called it both but we're sticking with open beta as it's more logical. The closed beta comes with a wipe and everything that you've purchased until now will be back at your account when the Crossout open beta begins, with no more resets ever.

This announcement comes with the addition of a fifth faction to be added to the game, the Steppenwolfs, who were led by military men. With it comes a new array of weapons, from drones (small but fast cars), guided missiles, long-range guns and more. The open beta also brings new maps and game modes.

Surprisingly enough for a game that was in a long closed beta on PC (since April 2016), the May 30 open beta is also launching simultaneously and for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nice move, guys!

Were you eagerly awaiting the Crossout open beta for a while now? We know we were and a lot of players too!

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