Crossout has three million registered post-apocalyptic players


Crossout entered open beta a month ago and Gaijin Entertainment is clearly proud to announce that more than three million registered players already tried it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Since May 30, almost 150.000.000 vehicles were destroyed on PvP, while on PvE players have slayed 1.500.000 Leviathans, the boss enemies.

Crossout has a very active in-game marketplace where players sell items they crafted. According to Gaijin, this marketplace sees over a million transactions each single day, mostly weapons of different kinds. In addition, Gaijin said that there's plenty of new content planned and in development. Things such as new maps, factions, parts and new features, but also a new game mode of territorial control where clans fight for valuable resources.

If you still haven't tried Crossout, you can do so for free by signing up here.


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