Crossout is getting a new cooperative PvE story mode

Crossout PvE adventure mode

Crossout is taking a confident step into MMORPG territory. Targem and Gaijin are working on a new and experimental cooperative PvE Adventure mode where you won't fight other players.

In this mode, which isn't time limited, you can freely explore the terrain (a heavily transformed Blood Rocks) and complete missions. You can go in this mode alone or as part of a group of four players maximum – if you choose to go in alone, three random players will join the zone with you. There is a story chain which is said to reveal some of the secrets of the Crossout world.

Missions in the Adventure mode are divided in three types: Awakening (a chain of story missions), Group Missions (all players in the zone can take part) and Side Missions (smaller tasks such as destroying raiders, picking up items, patrolling areas, and so on).

This mode is complex and is currently in closed testing, but it will be available for everyone free as soon as the testing concludes. You can try to get special access by leaving a request or get instant access by purchasing the Wholesale Recall Pack.

You can read more about the Adventure mode here.

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