Crossout is going Rocket League with new football mode

Crossout rocket league football

Crossout is going Rocket League with the new game mode, already available to all players. Called Steel Championship, this mode is clearly inspired by Psyonix's successful game and will be available for a limited time, replacing all of the current Crossout brawls.

From June 7 to June 14, the Steel Championship is the only available brawl, with the others making a return on June 15. You can still play the football mode until June 21, when it will be removed so that the developers can evaluate all the player feedback and stats and make the ultimate decision: is it worthy to add the Steel Championship to Crossout for good? Well, it depends on you, the players, and what you think of it.

This is a team-only mode, with 3v3 matched lasting for five minutes and the team that scores more goals wins. Each player is given a car that includes a harpoon gun, crossbow and rocket boosters, but you can't damage your enemies, you can only use these to affect the ball's course.

This update comes with more things such as new parts and bug fixes, so check the patch notes for all the details.

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