Crossout tutorials teach you the basics of post-apocalyptic warfare

Crossout video contest

You're willing to try the free-to-play action MMO Crossout but you're too much of a wimp to even learn the mechanics of the game? Well, then you need to watch the new series of Crossout tutorials that Gaijin Entertainment has started just a few days ago. Right now, there are three Crossout tutorials that should give you a very good idea of what to expect from this game, in case you missed our previous news where we mentioned that it's pretty much Crossout with a very in-depth customization system, or a post-apocalyptic Robocraft.

The first video covers the basics of Crossout, beginning with the vehicle creation. You can create some stunning warfare machines, even going as far as creating a motorized combat couch (they're not joking!). Then you'll get to know things such as getting parts from factions, game modes and even some tips to become a better player. The next video is all about manufacturing parts in the factions tab. You rent a workbench, choose a part and wait a few minutes or some hours, something that you can speed up with gold. The third video details the marketplace, with more Crossout tutorials coming soon covering things such as game modes.

Crossout is in open beta since May 30 and you can play for free by signing up here.

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