Cryptic 20th anniversary brings new Neverwinter and Star Trek Online updates and gift packs

Cryptic 20th anniversary

Cryptic has been around for a while, having delivered some truly popular MMORPGs. City of Heroes, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter are the highlights of the Los Gatos-based studio, but there's more to come. The free-to-play action RPG Magic Legends marks a new path for Cryptic, mixing the hugely appreciated Magic: The Gathering franchise with gameplay that is closer to what we'd expect from a hack and slash game.

But Magic Legends will be discussed some other time, because Cryptic is celebrating 20 years of existence with the launch of Neverwinter: Avernus and Star Trek Online: House Divided for PC. Neverwinter is getting its 19th major content release, while Star Trek Online ushers in the 20th season of the fan-favorite MMORPG. In-game giveaway bundles are available to commemorate Cryptic Studios' 20th anniversary.

Here is the synopsis and trailers for both updates:

Neverwinter: Avernus

Following the events of Infernal Descent, the previous major update for Neverwinter, Avernus sends players on a thrilling journey across the Wastes of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, where players will meet Lulu, a curious hollyphant and Archdevil Zariel’s old companion, who arrives in what remains of the Vallenhas stronghold. With a locked infernal puzzle box in the player’s possession, Lulu offers aid in opening it, the only problem is, she’s lost her memories. With the only hope of restoring her memories being to take an odyssey through Avernus, players must team up with two unlikely companions, Makos and the opportunistic merchant, Mahadi, to take on this dire quest.

Along the way, players can expect to explore new story content as they fight their way through hordes of demons to continue the Descent Into Avernus storyline and take part in a brand new Path of the Fallen campaign. This new journey also lets players drive infernal war machines, unravel the mysterious past of the Archdevil Zariel and experience how their actions directly impact and evolve the world of Avernus.

Star Trek Online: House Divided

House Divided, the newest update for Star Trek Online, gives returning players the chance to experience an epic Klingon-centric war story alongside Martok from Deep Space Nine. After accidentally sending herself and players through time with stolen Federation technology, J’Ula, sister of T’Kuvma (Discovery), finds herself at war as the modern Klingon Empire has done the unthinkable and allied themselves with the Federation. J’Ula and her lieutenant Aakar (Grandfather of Gowron) have taken it upon themselves to right this wrong, and call their true Klingon brethren to arms. It’s now up to the player to quell this rebellion alongside Martok (Deep Space Nine) and maintain the newly founded peace within the Federation.

This new epic war story brings two new playable episodes to Star Trek Online that all Star Trek fans are bound to enjoy. In addition, the new update includes  a new month-long House Divided event for players to participate in to receive the Red Angel suit/armor, a 5-person space TFO over the Klingon Penal Colony of Rura Penthe, along with a new Angel’s Wake Lockbox — which contains the Ba’ul ship seen in the Star Trek: Discovery episode “The Sound of Thunder,” and Ba’ul Obelisk from Season 2 of Discovery.

Here is the list of gift items that you can get right now:

Cryptic 20th anniversary House Divided

Star Trek Online

  • Platinum Vanity Shield – A colored overlay for the shield that protects your starship against energy-based attacks
  • Platinum Tardigrade Pet – Summons a non-combatant Tardigrade pet that will follow the player around
  • Platinum Phaser Sniper Rifle – Discovery Era Rifle for Ground Combat
    3x Specialization Points or Tech Upgrades
  • New Title: Cryptonian


  • Platinum Fashion Set – Cosmetic clothing used to change a character's appearance. It has no effect on stats.
  • Platinum Vanity Pet – Summons a non-combatant pet that will follow the player around.
  • Rank 15 Enchantment Choice Pack – Contains your choice of a special enchantment that will change the stats of in-game items.
  • Bag of Companion Upgrade Tokens – A currency used to upgrade companions.
  • New Title: Cryptonian

Champions Online

  • New Title: Cryptionian
  • Exclusive Platinum Aura
  • Platinum Defender Action Figure
  • Platinum Backup! Defender Device

To claim the items for Star Trek Online, players can find them in 1 MT, which can be found in the Bundles Tab of Mudd’s Market in the Zen Store.

To claim the items for Neverwinter, players must log in between June 30 – July 6 and talk to the Rewards Agent.

To claim the items for Champions Online, players can find them at the Zen Store.

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