Cuisine Royale is a Battle Royale spoof with kitchen utensils

cuisine royale battle royale free game

Frying pans are so yesterday. That is why Cuisine Royale has the whole kitchen set, including woks and waffle makers. Who needs real armor when you can just take anything from the kitchen and protect yourself?

Cuisine Royale is another spoof of the popular Battle Royale game, following closely on the heels of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. This game was made as an April Fool's joke as well, coming from the makers of the squad shooter Enlisted, and has gained a life of its own. It is now in Early Access and free until June 25, 2018, so you can grab it right now and it will always remain free in your Steam library. After this deadline it will probably get a price tag, as the developers need to cover server expenses and further development.

Cuisine Royale features 30 players per match, and not only features dinnerware as armor, it includes some other nice gags. Loot boxes in this game, for example, are the most honest that you'll ever see: they are free to open, the content inside is perfectly labelled, and the drop chance is 100%. Electronic Arts should take notice. Another funny mechanic is the use of a cigar to turn you into a tough guy, and glasses to increase your weapon accuracy.

Also, panties. Fancy panties for your avatar. We're sold.

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