Da Ji The Nine-Tailed Fox enters the SMITE battleground

The new SMITE 4.9 Patch was recently released and it introduced a new god to the battleground from the Chinese pantheon: Da Ji The Nine-Tailed Fox. She is a sadistic fox spirit, a trickster who focuses on damage over time rather than burst damage. With her passive, Torture Blades, she uses her sharp claws Wolverine-style to cause bleed damage to her enemies.

Her ultimate, Pao Lao, is pretty weird and spectacular, with Da Ji summoning her signature torture device, the Pao Lao. She stays on top of it and besides a wonderful view of the confrontations, she gets three shots to fire chains at enemies below.

You can watch Da Ji's God Reveal trailer below as well as the patch breakdown. Besides Da Ji, the patch brings new god skins, emotes, the usual balance and fixes, and more. See the patch notes here.

Here we have our SMITE Da Ji giveaway. Don't forget to follow us, especially on Facebook to know exactly when new giveaways start.


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