Dark Eden 2: upcoming horror MMO enters focus group test

Dark Eden is one of the very few horror MMO games ever released and while it is quite old (it was originally released in 1997 in South Korea), the isometric Diablo look and feel earned it a few fans Рthe foreign servers have all been  shut down, though. A sequel is in development and currently in the FGT (Focus Group Test) stage, where testers will give precious feedback on where to steer the development.

In Dark Eden 2, the war between the Slayers (Humans) and the Vampires is still raging on, leaving the third race (Ousters) out of the picture this time. The game is set 200 years after the original and the action now evolves in a modern, devastated setting, still tinted with plenty of Gothic touches. It seems that developer Softon Entertainment is aiming for a global launch, but we'll certainly have more news on this later this year

Here are a couple of Dark Eden 2 trailer: one with some gameplay and the other highlighting the costumes and environments.


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