Cosprii is a love simulation where you date famous Japanese Cosplayers


Cosprii is an upcoming love simulation game that is certain to skyrocket to the top of the most wanted list of some of you. Developed by SQ Inc. for Android and iOS devices, Cosprii launches in Winter 2019 as a free-to-play game in Japan. There is no word on other territories for now.

Cosprii is a dream come true for fans of cosplayers, in particular some popular Japanese cosplayers. While I'm not the greatest expert in this subject – anything that goes beyond the Spiral Cats and Jessica Nigri is stretching my expertise -, the five Cosprii characters seem to be quite popular.

At least judging by their Twitter followings, which at the moment is something like this: Itsuki Akira (294K followers), Sithle (142K followers), Yanagi Koron (67.6K followers), Uraramaru (124K followers) and Amatsu-sama (389K followers). Not bad!

More cosplayers are promised, but these should be enough to test your dating skills. Each cosplayer will be represented by a 3D character – sadly, there is no gameplay footage for now, but you can see how the 3D models look in the image below, or by visiting the official Cosprii site.

The story is a bit nonsense, as it mostly happens with this kind of games. It is set in the future and you work with your colleagues in some kind of shop in Akibahara. Coincidentally, this is the same place where cosplayers and models work. You can already see the tremendous potential for love, can't you?

Cosprii love simulator real Japanese cosplayersCosprii love simulator 3D model Japanese cosplayers


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