Skarn is the next Dauntless behemoth and it will rock you

Dauntless behemoth Skarn

“Ever been pursued by a living avalanche?” That is apparently what it feels like when you're being chased by a Skarn, the upcoming Dauntless behemoth.

The Skarn was introduced in the usual Dauntless way: a tale of explorers and slayers, a behemoth that came out of nowhere. In this case, from a rocky mountain emerged Skarn. The lore doesn't go into great detail about the behemoth's abilities, although it looks like the Skarn is capable of hurling rocks at its enemies and create a storm of floating boulders.

The Skarn is coming in December as part of the Sharpen Your Skills update, and will have the company of a second behemoth. The War Pike is the first ranged weapon to appear in the game and is also part of this update.

Take a long, hard look at the Skarn below.

Dauntless behemoth Skarn

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