Boreus is a frost-charged Behemoth coming to Dauntless, brings minions

Dauntless Boreus Frost Behemoth

The journey of a slayer is never over. These behemoths seem to spring up like mushrooms and there is a new one coming to Dauntless. Boreus is the name of this frost-charged behemoth.

Boreus would be a problem by itself, but it comes with a few flying minions to do its bidding. You know, like underpaid workers, they are thrown first into the heat of the battle, as the Boreus protects itself with an impenetrable layer of ice.

The three minions have distinct looks and behaviors, but they all look like some sort of freakish bats. Stalkers have razor-sharp legs, Spitters prefer to attack from distance with icy spitballs, and Bombers are kamikaze creatures that you should steer clear from.

If you defeat Boreus, you can get some cool frost gear, as you can see below.

Dauntless Boreus Frost Behemoth

Dauntless Boreus Frost Behemoth Gear


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