Dauntless celebrates one year of beta with new infographic

Dauntless celebrates one year of beta

Time flies, and so do some Behemoths. Until you slay them, that is. Phoenix Labs is celebrating one year since Dauntless entered closed beta, an important feat for a game coming from a new and ambitious studio.

The confidence of the studio remains unshattered, as it plans on taking care of the Shattered Isles for years to come. This last year saw the addition of tons of content, including behemoths, weapons, systems and a lot of balancing. The huge The Coming Storm expansion was quite a milestone, and Dark Harvest is coming in a month or so.

And now it's time to take a look at the infographic below, where you can see how many slayers were created, the number of forged weapons, hours of playtime and more.

Dauntless celebrates one year of beta

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