Dauntless details the fiery behemoth Embermane

Dauntless gameplay footage

Phoenix Labs have revealed one of the behemoths from Dauntless that was shrouded in secrecy. The Embermane is described by those who have seen it first as “an enormous cat, covered in leathery hide with a spiked frill and a single huge horn on its snout”. Judging by the report of a confrontation of Captain Katerin Sorrel and her team of slayers with the Embermane, this creature is capable of erupting and opening its maw to roar a blast of flame at its enemies.

So, the Embermane is fast, has a huge horn capable of impaling enemies and is capable to roar flames. Sounds like quite a challenge. Now all we need is a gameplay video featuring the Embermane, otherwise we'll have to wait until PAX East, when this behemoth will be available in a demo.



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