Dauntless is reworking its dye system for better color matching

Dauntless dye system

Don't you just hate it when you are stuck with a couple of colors that don't go together? First world problems, right? Luckily, this won't be an issue for long in the behemoth-hunting action RPG Dauntless.

Phoenix Labs is revamping the dye system for this game, ditching the unfriendly bundles and replacing them with with thirteen sets of curated dye trios. You know, colors that go well together such as the Gilded, Tempest, and Alabaster. Two new colors are being added: Subzero (deep sapphire) and Sovereign (deep emerald). Did that make any sense to you, non-Dauntless fan?

These trios will be priced at 125, 350, and 600 platinum, and there are a few dyes that won't be obtainable when the 0.8.0 update releases. You can still grab them but this will be your last chance.

A future patch is going to add a third dye region to use all those lovely dyes. For most Slayer armors, this addition will be used to dye the belt.

Dauntless is releasing in May 21 for PC (Epic Games Store), PS4 and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch and a mobile version are also planned but apparently a long way from release.

Dauntless dye system rework


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