Dauntless expected to triple its player base with console and Epic store launch

Dauntless epic store player base

Dauntless is the free-to-play monster hunting co-op RPG from Phoenix Labs that is apparently enjoying a modest success. It entered open beta nearly a year ago and gets new content updates at a steady pace.

Recently it was announced that Dauntless would be migrating exclusively to the Epic Games Store, completely dispensing with the original launcher. According to Phoenix Labs PR manager Andy Burt (via PCGamesN), the current Dauntless player base of three million should triple this summer. The Epic store launch coupled with the console releases (the ‘One Dauntless‘ experience that features cross-platform play with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) will be the driving factor for this player base boost.

Andy Burt is also quick to praise Epic Games' attitude towards Dauntless. Not only the revenue split is way more appealing than Steam's, but the promotion and visibility across the store is worth noting.

Will this visibility remain when the Epic Games Store is inevitably flooded with new releases, just as it happened with Steam? Only time will tell.


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