Dauntless releases Evolving Wilds update, new war pikes included

Dauntless Evolving Wilds update

The Evolving Wilds for Dauntless has just been released and it comes with several improvements, including new War Pikes and a revamp of the Axe.

In another step closer to open beta, the Dauntless team has enhanced the game with new Axe mechanics, an entire collection of War Pike weapons, improved Behemoth encounters (namely Shrike, Skraev, and Moonreaver), and improved hit and collision detection with destructible environments. A tutorial is also part of this update, as well as localization for German, Spanish, Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Servers in South America, Japan and Southeast Asia should be coming soon.

There is still no open beta date for Dauntless, but let's hope it's sooner than later. Here are the highlights of the Evolving Wilds expansion:

• Redesigned Axe – The Axe is now even more about big damage and big risk, while adding additional mobility options. A new “armored” state called Resolve is applied to certain Axe attacks that allow Slayers to take damage if they are hit during an attack but continue their combo.

• A Full Collection of War Pikes – Slayers can now craft a full collection of War Pike weapons. After slaying a Behemoths they can craft War Pikes that harnesses the raw, untamed power of that Behemoth.

• Improvements to Behemoth Encounters – Earlier concepts for Behemoths have been revisited resulting in big updates to the Shrike, Skraev and Moonreaver Behemoths with Embermane, Quillshot, and more on the way. This makes hunting them more fun, challenging and learnable.

• Dauntless Across the World – Players can now choose their language as Dauntless translation is nearly complete in German, Spanish, Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese, with additional languages will be added in the future. Soon, regional support will be increased by adding local servers in South America, Japan and Southeast Asia and cross-region matchmaking will connect Slayers from around the world.

• Revisiting Player Progression – A new tutorial system has been added to the game and Slayer training has been refined. For Open Beta this will be expanded with a cinematic introduction highlighting each Slayer’s story. Phoenix Labs will also continue to revisit daily and weekly activities giving Slayers more variety with better rewards as part of the Dauntless evergame.

• Performance Enhancements – Slayers will notice improvements to performance in the hub city of Ramsgate and during hunts, more precise collision in combat and reduction in crashes.

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