Dauntless FAQ updated: servers, pets, PvP, seamless islands and more

Dauntless gameplay footage

Phoenix Labs has just updated the Dauntless FAQ and with it comes some interesting info about the present and future of this free-to-play action co-op online game. We already knew that the Dauntless Closed Beta is planned for this summer and open beta begins this fall, but let's see what else we have.

First off, Dauntless is a PC exclusive, so no PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Switch versions are planned – “but never say never”, says the studio. The PC version comes with controller support, including the Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepads, and servers won't be limited to North America – new servers will be opened in Europe, Asia, and Australia if push comes to shove, but it all essentially depends on where the players are coming from.

Dauntless isn't just about combat and there is going to be a story and lore: “The Shattered Isles is a living, breathing place with a history and a future that you will help shape”. There isn't a rigid class system, it all depends on what you choose for your character, and at least one ranged weapon is planned. The islands your group will head off to are pretty decently sized and offer a nice terrain diversity, but the best of all is that islands are seamless, which means that there won't be any loading between areas.

Dauntless has no friendly fire (it would be a mess if it did) and smaller or lesser version of behemoths roaming around aren't a thing, although you may encounter some smaller creatures such as rams. No PvP is expected at launch, but it is a possibility for the future. Mounts and combat-enabled pets are also off the equation at launch, but cute and inoffensive house pets are being looked into.

The Dauntless FAQ ends with a note on the future of the game, promising large updates with new weapons and behemoths. System requirements were also revealed:

Minimum Spec:
∙ Card: 660Ti (DX11)
∙ CPU: i5 SandyBridge
∙ RAM: 4GB
∙ OS: Windows 7 DX11 Support
∙Target Performance: 720p, Low Settings

Recommended Spec:

∙ Card: GTX 970 (DX11)
∙ CPU: i7 Haswell
∙ RAM: 8GB
∙ OS: Windows 10
∙ Target Performance: 1080p, High Settings


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