Dauntless’ first major update improves customization and more

Dauntless Forge Your Legend

Dauntless is currently in closed beta and still lacking in some departments, but Phoenix Labs is hard at work in new content and optimization.

Today sees the release of the first major content update for this co-op action RPG. Called Forge Your Legend, this is the result of player feedback from the first months of closed beta. Crucial to ease new players into Dauntless is the new introductory player experience, with a new tutorial island and a soon to be released cinematic introduction.

Character customization is improved with new hairstyles and makeup, and you can also change your appearance by visiting Gregario in hub town Ramsgate. Face paint and beards are coming soon, but I'm hoping the latter are locked to male characters. You never know.

Most of the placeholder weapon and armor art was replaced with the real deal, and the next additions will also have its final art upon release. Finally, there's a new event just in time for Halloween called Dark Harvest. In this event you and your slayer pals will go in “devilishly challenging hunts”. You can learn more about the event here. You can also take a look at the full patch notes for the Forge Your Legend update.

The next Dauntless update is coming in December and brings a new weapon class and expanded combat abilities, a new gear progression system and not one, but two new behemoths.

Dauntless enters open beta early 2018.

Dauntless Forge Your Legend
Dauntless Forge Your Legend
Dauntless Forge Your Legend
Dauntless Forge Your Legend
Dauntless Forge Your Legend


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