Dauntless Founder’s Alpha is live, closed beta begins September 1

Dauntless Founder’s Alpha

The Dauntless Founder’s Alpha is now live, Phoenix Labs has announced. Players from North America, Europe, and Oceania and who have purchased a Founder's Pack will be able to access the game today. This highly anticipated PC co-op action RPG takes a few notes from the Monster Hunter series rule-book, putting players in the hunt of dangerous behemoths. If you prefer to save some money and hope that a beta key lands in your e-mail, the Dauntless closed beta begins on September 1, so sign up for it already.

During the Tech Alpha phase, over 20,000 players battled the behemoths, with 250,000 of these creatures slayed. Dauntless is going to be available as a free-to-play game for PC later this year.

“The Dauntless’ community’s passion and feedback through the Tech Alpha has not only shaped Dauntless but it has become a heartbeat pushing our studio to be the best and to take on the next challenge,” said Jesse Houston, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Phoenix Labs. “In this next step of our journey together, we’re excited to battle alongside our fellow Slayers, continue our open dialogue, and present new adventures, challenges, and shared experiences.”


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