New Dauntless Hunt Pass Zephyr Strike coming August 22

Dauntless Hunt Pass Zephyr Strike

The new Dauntless Hunt Pass Zephyr Strike was just announced by Phoenix Labs and is about to land on August 22, 2019. The studio couldn't be happier right now, as it announces that over 14 million players have tried Dauntless since it launched in May 2019.

The highlight of Zephyr Strike is the debut of Faction Fight. You'll have to choose a side, equip a sigil from the personality menu, and you earn one point for every hunt that you complete. At the end of two weeks, the winning faction will get the correspondent lantern added to the store for free. The team that places second will see its lantern on the store as well, but they'll have to pay for it.

Hair tints are another addition coming with the Dauntless Hunt Pass Zephyr Strike. This is a way to further customize your slayer, building on its unique identity. There are three  available during the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass: Vigilante, Endurance, and Defiance.

New creatures called Styxians were added to the trials, while the Patrol Chest system went through a revamp.

On a related note, saved loadouts are coming to Dauntless with the 0.9.3 patch in early September. This system will let you quickly swap between loadouts, choosing your preferred option to save time while getting ready for the hunt. You can change the following items to create a loadout: weapons, weapon mods, armor, cells, weapon specials, transmogs, consumables and armor dyes.


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